• Game Reports – What System Do I Use?

    From the USA Hockey Southeastern District Officials website:

    Game Reports
    There appears to be some confusion about when to file a game report and which game reporting system to use. Here’s a handy table that explains when a game report is required, which game reporting system to use and who must file the report:

    Game Rules Used Penalty Assessed Game Report System Used Who Files the Game Report
    USAH Sanctioned Event Major USAH Incident Reporting System Only the Official who assessed the Penalty
    USAH Sanctioned Event Game Misconduct USAH Incident Reporting System Only the Official who assessed the Penalty
    USAH Sanctioned Event Match USAH Incident Reporting System Only the Official who assessed the Penalty
    USAH Sanctioned Event Match 601(f,1) USAH Incident Reporting System plus SEDOP Game Reporting System for Assault On An Official The Official who assessed the Penalty must file under BOTH Game Reporting Systems
    USAH Sanctioned Event Match 601(f,1) SEDOP Game Reporting System for Assault On An Official All On Ice Officials
    USAH Sanctioned Event Game Suspension: 401(b):
    15 Penalties Team
    USAH Incident Reporting System Senior Crew Referee
    All non-USAH Sanctioned Events Local Game Report method as required Local Game Report method as required DO NOT use the USAH or SEDOP Reporting Systems


    If you have experienced software issues with game reports, check our the game reports lessons learned page.

  • CFHO Website Redesign

    Welcome to the new, 2014 CFHO website!

    The CFHO website has been redesigned with a more modern look and better functionality.  Improvements include:

    • Pay CFHO Annual Dues via PayPal
    • Embeded video/audio
    • Discussion Forums
    • Photo galleries (when photos are available)
    • Enhanced securitiy (login required for Pay Rates, Forums)

    Any suggestions, comments, or questions will be welcome, especially those concerning content.  This is YOUR website; let me know what you want to see.

  • CFHO Dues

    A message from your Local Area Supervisor, Chris Cahoon about this years CFHO Dues:
    We are holding our CFHO Fall meeting on Wednesday night, 9/10/2014.  At this time we will discussing the annual dues to be a part of the CFHO association.  As we have done over the course of the last few years, if you are age 17 prior to October 1st, 2014 you will be required to pay the $30.00 annual dues.  All those under the age of 17 will be exempt from the annual dues.  Allen Pierson will be at the fall meeting if you would like to make a cash/check payment.  Checks should be made out to the CFHO.  Payments may also be made via PayPal on our website, CFHO.NET.  All payments must be received by Allen prior to October 1st 2014 to be eligible to work games for the 2014-2015 season.  Allen’s address is below should you wish to mail him a check:

    Allen Pierson
    5645 Baybrook Ave
    Orlando, FL 32819

    Use the On-Ice Official Registration link in the CFHO.NET website to pay via PayPal.
    Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow evening.

    Chris Cahoon
    Local Area Supervisor USA Hockey

  • Site Updates

    My apologies for the broken links; USA Hockey unveiled their new site a few days after this one went live and many of the links to the USA Hockey pages and publications were broken due to their new site map.  Hopefully I’ve corrected the issues.

    There have been some additions to the website:

  • Standards Of Play Enforcement Video

    From Ken Radolinski and Craig Alles:

    USA Hockey has produced a video that demonstrates the standard of play and enforcement expectations from the new charging, boarding and head contact penalty options. Additionally, the video provides examples of legal and illegal body checking and body contact. It’s less than 10 minutes and I’d like everyone to watch it. Please let me know if you have any questions or disagree with anything in the video.

    Click for PDF containing Points of Emphasis, Standard of Play and Rule Changes for 2013

    I hope you find the video useful and please feel to forward this communication out to anyone you think would benefit from it. Team managers, coaches and league officials will receive the rule change summary and video link as well.
    Thank you and good luck to everyone working the first tournament of the season! All new rules are in effect for these games.

    Craig Alles and Ken Radolinski